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Mid-Month Encouragement: God is at work! (January Edition)

Greetings! We hope your new year is going great. Here is some encouragement from us at Dei Dox to help you finish the month strong, with the Lord! These mid-month emails include links and creative content that caused us to think about God, wonder, praise Him, and that brought fresh wind into our sails. We pray it does the same for you!

(NOTE: Like last month, some of the links include stories that are more supernatural than we know how to process. The links we post don’t necessarily mean we personally endorse everything in them. We are posting because they helped draw us to God and we feel they were worth sharing with you. Please pray and seek the Lord for yourself, using your own discernment!)


Lord, in this new year, position my heart towards You.
Bring to mind anything that might be keeping me from experiencing all You want for me.
(Pause to see if anything comes to mind.) I repent of these things.

Jesus, I give this time to you and invite you to run it. Speak to me what I need to hear.


Last week there was a big conference in Atlanta and during the last morning session an INCREDIBLE worship moment happened. So many awesome things about this. Enjoy:


Pretty cool clip about how God encountered someone and they came to Him:


We’re finding ourselves continually surprised (pleasantly surprised!) when a person we did not associate with faith starts proclaiming the Lord and His ways. This month it was brought to our attention that Alan Ritchson, the actor that plays Jack Reacher, started a YouTube channel specifically to talk about faith and Christ. In the few videos we’ve seen he seems to be genuinely proclaiming Christ, and it seems that he is making these video specifically for nonbelievers. Here’s an example:

How might God be using this? There’s more story in some of the comments, like:

Praise God! Pray for Jack Reacher. (lol, but seriously, pray for him.)


Here’s our wildest story of the month, told in several parts because it’s so much that we had to dig to see if more than one person was talking about it.

Could this actually be possible? Would God work miracles like this? Be prayerful about what you take from it, and enjoy the ride…

Then, here’s the story told from the perspective of the guy who did the praying when God healed Micah:

Do you see the thread of God in this? Well, there’s more…

After this healing story, their skeptical mega-church (Seacoast) invited this guy Josh Silverberg in to do an evening healing and prayer service and evidently what happened was another mysterious and beautiful thing…

Here’s a long podcast where the Seacoast lead pastor shares what happened:

There are 3 more parts to this interview if you’re curious to hear a pastor unpack it all: “2 – Five Miracle Stories“, then “3 – The Theology of Healing“, and finally “4 – The Miracles Assessed.”

Worship leader Brandon Lake was there that night and it impacted him big time. Here’s a radio interview where he shares the story, and obviously vouches for it: (Story starts around 3:20)


After seeing his friend healed and then seeing all the things start happening at Seacoast, Brandon wrote a song that you may have heard on Christian radio called House of Miracles:

Hear final clip, this one of Brandon, Micah, and Josh ministering together on stage at a concert. There’s a pretty neat prayer in here:

Amazing story. Simply amazing. God is at work.

Lord, we pray for more. Across the globe, more.


Would you pray this with us as we close out the week? Let’s pray some of the lyrics from the House of Miracles song:

We bring
Everything to the feet of Jesus
Everything in the name of Jesus
This is a house of miracles

I still believe You’re moving
I still believe You’re speaking
God, I believe You’re working
All things for good

I fix my eyes on Heaven
God, I receive Your vision
God, I believe You’re working
All things for good

I still believe You’re moving
I still believe You’re speaking
God, I believe You’re working
All things for good

I fix my eyes on Heaven
God, I receive Your vision
God, I believe You’re working
All things for good

Lord, guide us all as we go forth and finish the month strong. Come alive in us, for Your glory!


In closing, here’s a song to send you on the way by a young musician that is creating faithful songs that are ?. In God, the days are good!

In Him,

The DEI DOX Team

P.S. How are you liking this format for these mid-month encouragement posts? Feel free to share any thoughts by emailing us at grateful@deidox.org. God bless!