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Preparing for “Miraculous” (Behind-the-scenes)

We are preparing to launch our new documentary experience, Miraculous, in only 2 weeks. February 29, 2024!

In the meantime, we have a behind-the-scenes vlog that we hope you’ll enjoy:

Watch the video above as we take you behind-the-scenes while we prepare for the launch of our new series, Miraculous!

What is Miraculous?

An upcoming series from our ministry that is an entirely new type of content – something the world has never seen! Or at least it’s new to us! We believe everyone is desperate for relief in their souls. And, while the world has gotten crazier the opportunity to make a difference has gotten bigger. So many people are ready, wishing there is a good God who is there, a God that moves in mighty power and love and is worth giving your life to. He is. Learn more here.

Get Involved

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(NOTE: Wondering how we get these numbers? Based on historical data from our past films, and promotion tools for our new projects, we are comfortable committing to a God story being proclaimed to 8.35 people for every $1 donated.)

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