A 15-year legacy, re-envisioned – Join us to build something new.


Current projects we're taking steps in, praying for the right partners, and holding with open hands:

🎧Miraculous (Audio Documentary Experience)

A series of audio documentaries about stories that are hard to explain apart from Divine intervention.

The series is currently in active development, with pilot episodes complete. "Oh, Podcasts?" you might ask. No, not podcasts, they're something new. 

Since this is our first foray into audio, we're approaching the project with a fresh lens since none of us have yet learned what isn't possible. It's exciting, and the initial feedback has been enough to keep us moving forward into these uncharted territories.

You can learn more about the project by following this link.

We're currently praying for the right final collaborators to come on board as media missionaries to launch the series.

📱AI & God's Stories

We're currently working on a proof-of-concept for a way to carefully utilize AI to share stories of God's work across the globe. 

But, it's probably not what you think... We're not asking AI to do everything, or even automate much of anything. Instead we're partnering with with Spirit-led artists and helping them take advantage of AI to make media that has been too cost-prohibitive, until now.

🎥Francis Chan Film

Over the past two years we have spent around 50 days filming with an author/speaker named Francis Chan. It has been a wonderfully fruitful production... and now we are in a phase of patience as we all wait to film the ending of the film. Your prayers appreciated - pray for God to tell a powerful story about what He wants communicated, for His glory!

We hope to begin editing soon.

There is an opportunity coming up for film editors/assistant editors who want to raise their own support (like us - media missionaries) to work on the project for a season.

🕊️Custom Platform of Common Prayer

You may have heard of the Book of Common Prayer, a tool that for centuries was used to help scale the shepherding of ministry leaders across the globe. It impacted billions of people. At Dei Dox we are developing a "modern" take on the book of common prayer. One that includes a certain type of stories and "scalable" content.

Why? The problem we see is that churches primarily engage people only on Sundays, leaving congregants to be shepherded by culture on weekdays, and the city to be neglected. But pastors are overloaded and can't do more.

So, this platform could be a way to help local pastors and ministry leaders create world-class media in a matter of minutes. Helping pastors shepherd people daily to know God and make God known.

The project has been developed to a point where a proof-of-concept (or minimum viable product) could be produced. We are now praying and having discussions to see if God might call a team to take it on.

There's so much more we wish we could say about this project, but for now we'll end with this - "Faith comes by hearing."

🎬Global Kingdom Outposts

This long-praying project is too early to write details about, but if you live outside the USA, are connected to a ministry, and would like to be able to have world class media content in your country's native language to use as media missions... then we'd love to chat if you feel led.


Years of




shown media




A few of our past projects:



Our feature documentary, Free Burma Rangers, was produced over 7 years and ultimately released in theaters.

The film is now available to watch for free for a limited time. Click the link below to get access.



An unprecedented fight in small town Texas between churches and the payday loan industry. The Ordinance is an inspiring story of how a group of Texans vowed to protect their neighbors from loan sharks. In a time when political disillusionment is all around, this story serves as an important example of how the best, and worst, of our political system can unite a community.

This film was produced in partnership between Baptist & Catholic funding partners and then distributed in local screenings across the country.

Short Documentaries (Selected)

We’ve produced 45+ short documentaries over the years and had them screened at over 3,500 churches, often with pastors using them directly in their sermons. Many of the films are now available on our YouTube channel or at our video streaming site – www.deidoxfilms.org

Here is a sample of one of our short documentaries, each starting with the question, “How is God at work around the world?”


Pastors and Church leaders that wish to use our short video documentaries in their Church services can get video downloads from WorshipHouseMedia.com



In the book, Divine Conspiracy Continued, Dallas Willard and Gary Black Jr. lay a foundation for what a Christian leader could be and do in order to serve the common good by way of the Kingdom.

We developed the series and produced the first two episodes in partnership Azusa Pacific University, the Kern Family Foundation and Dallas Willard’s family.


Over the years we have also had the opportunity to advise and consult on outside projects from like-minded filmmakers. Here are a few: