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Mid-Month Encouragement

Hey Fam,

We hope your September has been going great. Here is some encouragement to finish the month strong! These mid-month emails include links and creative content that caused us to think, ponder, wonder and brought some fresh wind into our sails.

We pray it does the same for you!


Jeremy Riddle, a worship leader in Orange County, CA, singing “His Name is Jesus”:

(Watch/Listen to the song here.)

There’s only One strong enough to save
There’s only One who overcame the grave
There’s only One whose worthy of all praise

In His hands, the keys of death and hell
And in His name, a power that can heal
And by His blood, our sins are washed away


Demario Davis, on the NFL’s New Orleans Saints, used his post-game press conference as an opportunity to preach. Incredible:

“Lay it before the Lord in trust, and be expectant!”

Can you imagine saying something like this in one of your work contexts?



A story shared by Dave Eubank:

Jack is a Burman from deep inside Burma. He joined the pro-democracy resistance two years ago. Before that, he had not had much interest in politics – but when he was faced with the oppression of the dictators and the death of his friends, he knew he had to do something. He was an ethnic Burman from the majority ethnicity in the country, but now had to flee to the Karen ethnic area and learn to make friends with the Karen and other ethnic groups. That is how we met him and he came to join a team of Rangers.

Jack loves people and loves making them laugh. His role with FBR has been in the children’s programs. He is a natural actor and comedian and has become one of the top leaders with the Good Life Club program for displaced children in Burma. His infectious smile and talent changes the whole atmosphere. On a recent mission, airstrikes occurred near us in the middle of the GLC program. After the jets had finished their bombing runs, including strafing, just a few hundred meters away, Jack walked right into the middle of the group and said, “The planes are gone now; it is OK, we are with you. We are all free people and we can choose to be happy so let’s be happy. We won’t let the dictators or their airplanes steal that from us.“ Then he broke into an impromptu skit that left everybody rolling with laughter.

He had been born into a Buddhist family, then later on decided he had no religion and no faith in anything. However, since he joined the Free Burma Rangers two years ago, he told us, he had begun to wonder if God was real. He said, “I began to feel something about God in my heart, and in my spirit. I began to ask God to help me like I was told I could. I began to see answers to prayer. On multiple times on this mission, alone during Burma Army attacks and airstrikes, I asked Jesus to protect me and the people we were with. Miraculously, even though many bombs and mortars came close to us, even though the Burma Army tried to kill us, they could not. Two times, when I thought I would surely die, I just said ‘Jesus, please save me.‘ After these events, I began to share with other Ranger team members my own belief that God was real, and my own desire to follow him. Still, I wasn’t sure.”
Then one day, Jack came up to me and said, “I want to be baptized.“ I was surprised and asked him what had happened. He answered, “You know I’ve been asking Jesus to help me so many times and he’s faithfully answered me so many times and I became very close but still I wasn’t sure because it’s a big step. And then I was talking to many of the FBR team, and then with Aimee, who prayed with me. And then just yesterday, I faced what looked like an impossible situation that might be the end of me. I prayed ‘Jesus help me.’ And suddenly the obstacle was removed. The danger was gone. It really was a miracle. I saw it with my own eyes. So I decided I want to be baptized and follow Jesus.“

We baptized Jack on the Fourth of July right after we had a parade, national anthem, and prayer for America. FBR is composed of people from many nations and beliefs, but we joined together to celebrate America’s independence day as a family. Following that celebration with Jack’s baptism made it such a wonderful, joyous day. My father, who has been a missionary for over 60 years out here, said, “Spiritual freedom is the foundation of political freedom. God gives us freedom and when we decide to follow Jesus, we find ourselves the most free: Free from selfishness, free to love others, free to forgive, and free to follow the life that  God has for each of us.“
We share this good news about Jack with you all and thank you for praying for him and thank you for all the ways you pray for and help us.

Thank you and God bless you,
Dave, family and FBR

(Friendly reminder – The Free Burma Rangers movie is now available to watch online for FREE at Share it with your friends!)


Do you know what a benediction is? It is like a combination prayer request for God to
bless His people and declaration that He delights to do so. It is like a really tasty dessert that comes at the end of a delicious meal.

So in closing – 

Benediction based on Philippians 4

Do what you have learned and received 
and seen and heard in Christ,
and the peace of God will be with you.
And may that peace, 
which passes all understanding,
guard our hearts and our minds 
in Christ Jesus. Amen.