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Exciting News! Free Burma Rangers is now available for free online!

We have some incredibly exciting news to share with you today. Our film, Free Burma Rangers, is now available to watch for FREE online

Do you have friends you told to watch the film but they haven’t yet? Now is the time to tell them they have no more excuses! They can watch for free!

Link to the film:

You may have heard that the war in Burma is worse, a lot worse. We’re doing this campaign to help get the word out for FBR ministry and hopefully bring them fresh momentum as they represent Christ on the frontlines of the war. 

Our prayer is that this free screening campaign helps bring needed momentum to FBR ministry and that it helps stop the war in Burma.

Over the next few days we will also be posting scenes, quotes, and memes from the movie to give you things you can share. Make sure to follow us on your social media platform of choice so you can share to help others see this important story:


For fun, we asked AI what to say about this free screening campaign, and here’s what it said:

As a valued member of our community who seeks thought-provoking and faith-strengthening Christian content, we believe this powerful documentary will resonate deeply with you. It showcases extraordinary stories of faith and miracles in the midst of crisis – an inspiring testament to God’s love prevailing even in challenging times.

Free Burma Rangers sheds light on the incredible life journey of Dave Eubank, a former Special Forces soldier turned missionary. Witness firsthand his remarkable dedication as he leads his family into war-torn regions like Iraq and Myanmar, providing medical care, rescue operations, and spiritual support to those in need. This awe-inspiring film captures moments that defy all odds while demonstrating unwavering devotion amidst chaos.

Now that it’s available for free viewing online, we encourage you not only to watch it but also spread the word among your family, friends, fellow believers so they too can experience this extraordinary story. Share the blessings by forwarding this email or tagging them on social media posts – let’s create ripples of hope together!

To access Free Burma Rangers, simply visit our website during Week 1 of our marketing campaign (starting from [Start Date]). The movie will be readily available for streaming throughout this period – an opportunity not-to-be-missed!

“Share the blessings by forwarding this email or tagging them on social media posts – let’s create ripples of hope together!”

We may not know what to think about AI, but that’s pretty good!

– the Deidox team –