St. Nick and Artemis/Wonder Woman

“True story – St Nicholas was a Christian that fought wonder woman, kinda, in a demonic temple. Let us explain.” –Quote from Miracle Moment below.

We recently launched a YouTube and TikTok short series called Miracle Moments. This week’s story featured St. Nicholas and “Wonder Woman”. Below, you will find links to historical research around the story for you to be able to prayerfully consider whether God was at work. But first, here’s the story for this post:

Below are the links to help you consider how you want to process what you saw/heard; we believe God is and has been at work, and there’s probably truth in this story somewhere:

Artemis in Greek Mythology

Artemis, also known as Wonder Woman in modern culture, was a key figure in Greek mythology. She was Zeus and Leto’s daughter and Apollo’s twin. As the goddess of hunting and nature, she also protected young women, especially during childbirth. The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus was her most famous worship site. This temple is one of the ancient world’s seven wonders. Learn more about Artemis.

Birth and Gifts

Artemis was born on either Delos or Ortygia, near Ephesus. Zeus gave her a silver bow and hunting dogs. She became a beloved goddess of hunting and nature and looked after young women, including brides-to-be. More on Artemis’s gifts.

Artemis in Homer’s Iliad

In the Iliad by Homer, Artemis played a crucial role. She helped the Trojans as an archer goddess and healed heroes like Aeneas. She showed her dual nature as both protector and avenger. Artemis in the Iliad.

The Ephesus Temple

The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus was near her birthplace. It was an ancient wonder with 127 columns and a large cedar wood statue of Artemis. Now, only its foundations and one column are left. Temple of Artemis details.

Artemis’s Worship in Greece

Artemis was worshipped in many places, including Brauron, Tauris, and Delos. Her rites were important for young girls and those about to marry. Artemis worship across Greece.

Artemis in Art

Ancient Greek art often shows Artemis as a young huntress with a bow or spear. She usually has a deer or dog with her, showing her bond with nature. Artemis in ancient art.

Artemis and Wonder Woman

Artemis’s story influences modern pop culture, especially in creating Wonder Woman. Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, shares Artemis’s Amazonian roots and divine ancestry. This hints that Artemis inspired the Wonder Woman character. Wonder Woman and Artemis.


Artemis’s tale mixes myth with cultural significance. She represents strength, freedom, and the complexity of nature. Her story continues to inspire and captivate people worldwide. About Artemis.