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A Supernatural Year in 7 Stories (Deidox End-of-Year Video)

This past year has been a whirlwind of inspiration and faith-filled endeavors for us at Deidox. We’re excited to finally be able to share so many stories from the year. God is good, and He is at work. Enjoy!

A year-end recap of our Christian film ministry year, as told in seven supernatural stories.

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Chapters in Video:
0:00 – A Supernatural Year in 7 Stories
2:35 – A Known Unknown
4:12 – Unexpected Unity
9:10 – “Miraculous” Series / He Kept Providing
13:07 – The Name
15:49 – Free Burma Rangers outreach into Ukraine
19:03 – Miracle Moments
21:56 – God Answers Prayers
26:48 – Conclusion: “Well done good and faithful servant?”
27:09 – How to get involved

About DEIDOX: Christian media missions to help the Church know God and make God known. We see a path forward where the Church + Christian artists work together to know God and make God known. In fact, a healthy partnership between local churches and Christian artists is perhaps the greatest overlooked resource in the Church.

For the first time in history, the content they create, as co-laborers, can go out through media into every area of society – every nation, tribe, and tongue.

Together we can be media missionaries.

Our vision is for a world where everyone sees and hears at least one story of God’s power and goodness. And, Lord willing, many more…

We’re praying for (and in need of) 100 Monthly Partners in this work.

His glory, His stories.