Office & Edit System for our team

Project Goal: Help provide a needed edit system & space to support the creation of all Deidox projects.

Donation Amount: $9,500
Opportunity Type: Growth Strategy


Since the move to California we have not yet been able to build out a dedicated editing or creative space! Deidox needs a place that filmmakers, worship leaders, musicians, writers, editors, ministry partners, and prayer warriors could gather together to do this meeting missions work. A place to seek Him together and co-create with Him together!

- New computer system for editing video and sound

- Seating area and meeting area

- Desk

- Television and speaker system for viewing content

- Collaboration tools (whiteboards, etc)

- Camera & streaming setup for remote collaboration with artists in other countries

- A small portion will also go towards high speed internet for remote collaboration


Lord willing, millions of people will be impacted by what will be made in this creative space. Our previous projects have ministered to over 7 million people.

This new space will be the main hub for what creates moving forward, with the potential to bring God encounters to millions of people through the media we create in this space.