A feature length documentary


NOTE: Our free screening campaign ended November 30. Thank you to all who watched and spread the word! Over 7 million people were able to encounter this incredible story, all over the world! God bless you all!

The film is currently available to purchase or rent. Click here to watch now.

Show the film at your church

This free screening campaign is meant for in-home and small group use. To show the film to larger groups, please license the film through our distribution partner, LifeWay. For more info on licensing please visit:


Christian artists + the Church working together
to know God and make God known.

We believe a healthy partnership between local churches and Christian artists is perhaps the greatest overlooked resource in the Church. For the first time in history, what artists create goes out through media into every area of society – every nation, tribe, and tongue. They’re media missionaries. Commissioning artists is not about money; it’s about equipping them and then empowering them with the authority to operate according to their gifting!